Friday, February 5, 2016

Jim Dine embossed hearts project.

Jim Dine (born June 16, 1935) is an American pop artist. He is sometimes considered to be a part of the Neo-Dada movement.

I am going to have the kiddos learn about Jim Dine today with a fabulous slideshow and make embossed 6 x 6 hearts. 

For the materials I purchased this roll of 36 gauge embossing aluminum.  I couldn't beat the price on Amazon, and it comes in a 12 x 25 foot roll.  It is easy to cut with scissors. Plenty for 2 classrooms.

 I also  bought cuticle sticks to use as cheap embossing tools.

Here is the link to the slideshow on Jim Dine....
I'll let you know how it goes

Friday, November 6, 2015

Georgia O'Keefe Skull Project

 By Aston 
In 5th Grade today we are doing a Georgia Okeefe Lesson, but I changed it up, instead of the flowers, we're doing her Cow Skulls,  I'm teaching 2 classrooms at the same time, I'll be running back and forth between the two.  We'll see how it works.  One classroom I'll have them working on a southwest inspired tissue paper landscape, complete with mesas and cactus.  The other classroom will work on putting details on and painting pre cut out cow skull.
Here is a link to the slide talk....
GeorgiaOKeefe slide talk

It was a success.  I used large pieces of water color paper for the background, and placed out a stack of tissue paper.  I told them to wet their paper with modge podge,  in sections.  Starting with the sky, they put a sheet of light blue tissue paper on the top half of the watercolor paper.
Then I told them to use two shades of the same color, dark for the background mountains and lighter color for the foreground mountains,  layering them gives a middle ground.  I also encouraged them to tear the paper, and to try to leave plateaus in the background, (flat topped mountains) to give it a more southwest look.  
All the Tissue paper was put down with modge podge, or diluted glue, careful not to tear the paper, then the desert colors were put down on the bottom third.  They used Browns, tanks, whatever they chose for the colors, some put a wide swath of brown and decided not to put any green cactus in, anything is ok.  
While those were drying, I had them work on the cow skulls,  I precut them out so they didn't have to do that part.  I showed them a few samples of where markings could go on them, and had them use brown sharpies to mark the eyes, nostrils, horns, details, then they could either wash them with a diluted metallic terra on the way! Brown paint, or do watercolor designs.  Whatever they wanted to do.
The next day, I had them put a last layer of modge podge over the background to give it a shine and make it even.  They put the skulls onto their southwest backgrounds with glue.
They look great!
By Caleb
By London

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making adorable felt animal ornaments

For our school auction Christmas tree we are going to have the fifth-grade class so and stuff Woodland animal ornaments for the tree.
Here is the ornaments that were going to do.
 I cut the felt over a few days, and preassembled the animals for the kiddos. They just need to stitch around the edges. For those that don't want to so a.k.a. (boys )they can also assemble cute pinecones owls for the tree.

How to do a basket stitch. 
I don't remember where I found the link to the felt ornaments, and directions, but it was on Pinterest, My favorite go to site for ideas.  I'm always on it.  Well, the craft went well,  of course half the class took awhile to figure it out,  I precut the thread into manageable sizes and put an entire animal ornament and thread into one Baggie.  In hindsight, I should have pre threaded the needles for them.  But with 42 kids in two classes, that would have taken a loooong time.  Once they stitched their ornaments,  I had them hot glue the eyes and noses etc on.  Later, I took the ornaments and threaded them with string to hang them on the tree.  Voila, a camping themed tree for the auction.  They loved stringing popcorn too,  I recommend doing that outside,  more ended up on the floor and in their mouth than on the strings.

 This is the felt that I purchased for this project.